WhatsApp privacy settings, Why does it bother you


There’s a table I want to shake today. It’s the fact that a lot of people have an issue with WhatsApp privacy settings. I always wonder why people make a fuss over this. Why does it bother you so much when people are just acting within their rights? If someone you know chooses to put off his or her read receipt just because they don’t like the colour blue, it’s their right and it’s not your place to interfere with their preference. I believe what people should be more bothered about is how the person on the other side of the line treats you. Is the person responsive? Is the person respectful? Can the person actually spell? Those are real matters for concern. Not seeing a blue tick.

I can’t fathom any substantial reason why you would be so insistent on knowing when your message has been read by the other party or who and who views your stories. Of what relevance is all that information if you’re not a monitoring spirit? Honey, You can totally get by without the read receipt and you won’t die if you don’t know everyone that views your story. It’s evident because people who don’t see them live a normal healthy life. Live and let live. 

Spoken to a lot of people that have the privacy setting active on their WhatsApp, and I know for sure that they don’t mean to slight anyone or get away with not answering people’s text because, in actual fact, no one on earth needs a receipt to know if they are being ignored. We always know how interested someone is in chatting with us, Bluetick or no blue tick. Some people just prefer to be discreet online for their sanity sake.   Some people are comfortable with that set up while others prefer to be visible. To each his own. 

Everyone has their circle of close friends and family. If you are certain of your place in these people’s lives, you would trust them enough to respond to you whenever you need them. As for any other person outside your circle, respect their boundaries and take people as they come. 

This is 2020, you can’t possibly understand everything. People do whatever sits right with them and it doesn’t have to always make sense to the next person. you should tolerate and respect the opinions and behaviour of others so that they will similarly tolerate your own.


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