Uber incorporates facemask verification feature


Uber has unveiled new measures it plans to put into practice in its ride-hailing operations from Monday when it resumes operations.

You can recall that Uber operations have been on hold due to the lockdown imposed to curb the spread of the Coronavirus in Lagos.

Uber shutting down its operations in Nigeria on April 1, a decision which was followed by the sacking about 3,700 of its employees across the world and shutting down 40% of its drivers assist centres.

 As the company plans to continue operations, the new procedures are intended to offer some level of safety for its drivers and passengers.

The new features which are based on user policing will give ultimate guiding principle for riders and drivers using its platform.


The first measure on the guildlines is a limit on the number of passengers that can be on a trip. UberX can now only take a utmost 3 passengers. UberXL, which is not yet available in Nigeria also, has new restrictions on the number of passengers.

Also, passengers are no longer permitted to sit in the front seat.

Uber drivers and riders will be mandated to wear face masks from Monday

In addition, there is now an online checklist that has to be read and approved in order to ensure a potential passenger is taking suitable measures to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

Part of what the online checklist will confirm is whether the person is wearing a face mask and if the person has washed his/her hands to prevent the spread of the virus while on the trip.

Drivers will as well have to read and agree to the online checklist before selecting an order for a ride. If at the pickup location the driver or passenger notices that the other is in breach of the necessities of the checklist, the person can stop the ride and select ‘unsafe Coronavirus behaviour’ as the rationale.

A selfie tech was also incorporated the face mask verification feature to check if its riders are certainly wearing the masks or not.

Uber drivers who regularly have their rides terminated because the customer or selfie tech reported them for unsafe Coronavirus behaviour will be removed from the Uber’s platform.

The new measure also applies to Uber Eats and Uber delivery services as well.

Uber’s target market is made up of mostly middle to upper-class people who are more likely to be knowledgeable about the Coronavirus and can comprehend the need for the latest features.

It is not clear yet if Uber will provide face masks for its riders, but up-to-date information and self-preservation are adequate enough to ensure the policies are followed in Nigeria.

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