Fast-Rising Rapper, “Justone Sukay”, Replies MI (Mr. Incredible)’s


Fast-rising rap prodigy; David Asuquo, popularly known as ‘JustOne Sukay, has just released a track replying MI’s hit song “You rappers should fix up your lives”. This will probably develop into a huge controversy and lead to many weeks of frenzy on social media and in the Nigerian music scene.

The rapper who released an EP; “Capital Lockdown” on the 8th of May 2020 of which “You wouldn’t know” is one of four massive tracks.

If you have listened to MI’s you rappers should fix up your lives, you agree with me that he came down hard on upcoming rappers, talking about how rappers are not inspiring and how they don’t pass the requirements. Well I guess that didn’t go well with some of the newcomers in the rap industry.

Justone Sukay revealed in his track “you wouldn’t know’’ that MI never spoke to anyone before coming out to play them down. He said “but you seem to forget the equation of evolution, change is constant”. He said, even though MI has been a legend in the Nigerian Rap Industry, Baba needs to catch up with the evolution. These rap lines by the rapper have started to gradually gain attention on several platforms with several people seconding his thoughts.

This comes after the infamous bitter love relationship between MI and chocolate city, with Ice prince coming out to say he left the group for him to be independent, as he didn’t want to be a babysitter for the rest of his life.


We are waiting to see how the rapper (Mr. Incredible himself) react at the sight of this controversial Rap lines.

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