Top New Single from Monty999 – Baked

Monty999 Abuja's newest Alternative/rap artist drops his first single after releasing a 13 song album on November 11th...

God is the giver of all inspirations – Posi

1. What drew you to the music industry? Answer:  Music for me is divine, it all started from childhood in...


AOC 1. What first got you into music?Ans: Well, its all thanks to God almighty for the talent and...
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Focus, be determined and stay true to your craft -Yngtii

What drew you to the music industry? It was my passion and interest for good sound.

Discover yourself and never give up on what you believe in – Omoade

What drew you to the music industry?Basically I would say it’s the passion and the love for music and art. I always...